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What About Summer Makes My Yard a Mosquito Hotspot?

It’s summertime, and you are hanging out with your favorite people by the swimming pool, with your favorite drink beside you and the smell of delicious burgers and hot dogs rising up from the grill. You couldn’t be having a better time, until you hear that dreadful buzzing sound-the one that can only be made by an annoying mosquito.

If you want to be able to enjoy your summer and have your yard be completely free of mosquitoes, then you’re going to have to understand why they’re finding your yard so appealing in particular. You can then decide whether you want to try home mosquito methods or call up mosquito control services georgetown professionals to help you rid your yard of the pests once and for all.

Think Like a Mosquito

mosquito control services georgetown

There are several things that add up to really make summer the worst time of year to enjoy your yard because of those annoying mosquitoes. You see, these are a few of the things that all mosquitoes absolutely love, and which we as humans provide them over and over again in the summertime:

·    Sweat: Mosquitoes love sweaty bodies. This is because our sweat has scents in it that just makes mosquitoes fall in love. In our sweat, mosquitoes can smell lactic acid, ammonia, uric acid, and a host of other scents that they adore.

·    Heat: Mosquitoes prefer warmer weather, which is why you are always sure to see them in the summer, but never the winter, when they go back to hibernation.

To combat mosquitoes buzzing around your yard, you can make sure everyone has sprayed themselves with mosquito spray, you can mix up your own mosquito repellent, or if the problem is really bad, you can go ahead and get in touch with a professional mosquito extermination team to get rid of the problem for you, so you can go back to enjoying your yard in peace.